About AQPS

The Aquarium Professional Services offers a holistic approach to meet your business needs and drives success through its diverse portfolio of services. Established in 2023 as part of The Aquarium Group, our new division leverages its reliable foundations while expanding its service offerings to deliver future-focused, technology driven solutions.

Our Low-code Lab empowers you to rapidly build custom applications and workflows, leveraging low-code development platforms to enhance productivity and drive innovation. With our PMO as a Service, we provide comprehensive project management solutions, handling the tactical aspects of project execution while you focus on strategic initiatives. Testing-as-a-Service ensures the highest standards of software quality through rigorous quality assurance testing and actionable recommendations.

We are committed to nurturing talent through our Associate Program, providing individuals with structured training, mentorship, and project experience to kick-start their careers in the technology industry. Our Team Builder service assists in building high-performing teams that drive innovation and achieve exceptional results. We also offer an offshore Help Desk service, delivering reliable IT support for your business, resolving technical issues and minimising downtime.

AQPS are dedicated to delivering exceptional services that drive value for your organisation. Partner with us to experience expertise, innovation, and dedication as we help you thrive in today's competitive landscape and achieve your business goals.

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Our services

The Aquarium Portal

Access vetted candidates and manage your contingent workforce in one place

Low-code Lab

Design and deploy customer-centric digital experiences efficiently with Low-Code

PMO as a Service

Drive efficient project management and achieve exceptional outcomes

Testing as a Service

Scale your testing and quality assurance (QA) efforts in Australia or offshore

Associate Program

Access, recruit and deploy talent to your existing workforce

Team Builder

Create diverse, inclusive, and high-performing squads

Offshore support

Access a offshore help desk facility with comprehensive services.

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