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Access vetted candidates and manage your contingent workforce in one place
The Aquarium Portal desktop and mobile views

Go fish in a few steps

Find the candidates that match your needs

All candidates provided on our platform have already been curated by our team to ensure not just quantity but quality of our pool. Each candidate has their skills, rates, location and availability dates displayed.

Share with your team

You can easily share candidates with others in your organisation using the sharing form. You will also receive a copy to your email.

Send us an enquiry

Using the platform itself, you can share with us the candidates you are interested in engaging with. Once an enquiry has been sent, one of our team member will contact you within 2 business days to understand your context better and discuss the next steps.

Engage with our recruiting team

Within 2-3 business days, one of our dedicated team members will contact you to understand fully your needs and help you engage the talent you need.


Why The Aquarium Portal?

Everything you need in one place

Understand how your business is doing

From your dashboard, you can get live data on about contractors in your organisation and the different business units. Reports can be easily generated from the app.

If you need new candidates to replace contractors who are leaving your team, The Aquarium Portal will find you matches from our pool!

Manage your contractors easily

Using the Portal, you can have full visibility of all your active contractors and the details of their current engagement with your organisation.

Requesting an extension and tracking its progress can be performed within the Portal.

Track your DEI progress

With our extended DEI feature, have a clear view of how well your organisation is tracking against its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

The Aquarium is a first to market product. A unique Australian owned talent retention and redeployment tool. Designed to help you land the right talent and keep them engaged within your business.

Public pool benefits
Access to Real Talent

Visibility of active contractors becoming available in the next 4 weeks from any given date. For Free.

Searchable Data

Search the curated pool of candidates based on, Skills, Job Title, Rate and location.

Active Curation

Candidates are regularly contacted to ensure all data within the Aquarium is 100% accurate and updated on a weekly basis.

Private pool benefits

Live reporting on you contractor workforce, spend, utilisation and end dates


Peer to Peer sharing of candidates within organisation, re-deploy, don’t rehire!


One click contractor extensions and redeployments.

The Aquarium is designed to ensure you smoothly transition from one contract to another with no down time between gigs. Better rates - deal with the employer not the recruitment agency!


The Aquarium provides continuity of employment to contractors. This means less downtime between contracts and more money in your pocket.

Increased visibility

The platform exposes contractors to a wide range of potential clients actively seeking their services

Streamlined process

Contractors can easily showcase their skills and work preferences, making it convenient for companies to identify suitable candidates.


Anonymized profiles prioritise contractor privacy, ensuring personal details are protected until there is genuine interest from a company.

Assistance and support

The Aquarium's team provides support in the contract finalisation process, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions.

This is just the beginning...

Our team is currently working on the next release of The Aquarium Portal. This will include providing fit-for-purpose dashboard with live data feed and more self-service capabilities.
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