Associate program

About the program

The Aquarium's Associate Program offers a cost-effective way for businesses and government entities to rapidly scale their teams. Our talented and enthusiastic associates are keen to learn and get up to speed quickly, freeing up the more senior team members to focus on higher value tasks.

The Program has been designed specifically to identify, recruit, train and deploy associates to meet a client’s requirements, whether that be – for example - project management, business analysis, software development, testing, support or network engineering.

All of our associates receive mentorship, career guidance, and tailored training. Clients can then hire associates directly after 12 months at no extra cost, showing their appreciation for their skills and energy.

Some of our partner universities

How does it work

Understanding your specific business needs

At The Aquarium, we understand that every organisation has unique requirements when it comes to team expansion and development. That's why we offer a discovery workshop to assess your specific needs and build a program that aligns perfectly with your goals. Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify the roles, skills, and training paths that will best support your objectives.

Finding the next generation of top performers

We proactively engage with academic institutions to identify promising individuals who can contribute to your organisation's growth and success. By collaborating closely with universities, we gain access to a pool of talented students and graduates, allowing us to identify and recruit individuals with the right skills and potential.

Creating the dream team

We employ a meticulous and comprehensive interviews to ensure that only the top talent is chosen. Our experienced team of recruiters is skilled in assessing candidates' qualifications, competencies, and cultural fit. By implementing a rigorous selection process, we can identify individuals who not only possess the required skills and experience but also align with your organization's values and goals.

Equipping students for job readiness

We empower selected students for success in our Associate Program by providing a comprehensive preparatory training and accreditation program in collaboration with our education partners. The training is specifically designed to ensure they are fully equipped to excel in their roles at your organisation. Training can be part of the student’s final year of study.

Mentoring and ongoing training during deployment

We ensure a seamless deployment of the team by providing mentoring and continued training throughout the program with you. Our experienced mentors offer guidance and support to facilitate a smooth integration into your organisation. Additionally, ongoing training is provided to guarantee that the team remains equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional results for you.

Moving forward

To ensure continuous improvement and growth, we conduct thorough evaluations of the team and establish individualised development paths. The evaluation process enables us to tailor with you development plans that address specific skill gaps and enhance expertise.


What are the benefits?

Cost effectiveness

Our program is competitively priced, enabling more expensive resources to provide maximum value.

Blended teams

We can provide a team of both experienced and associate consultants to reduce the overall blended rate and meet your budget requirements.


Our associates undergo training (up to 13 weeks) to ensure they are project-ready when they start. Where appropriate this training will be embedded in the student’s final year of study.


The Associate Program provides a locally-sourced alternative to off-shore outsourcing.  The Program can also be tailored to meet your diversity goals.

Flexible deployment options

We can provide Associates across Australia, working on your sites, on your customer sites or from our own premises.

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