Permanent & Contingent

About Permanent & Contingent

Whether you require contingent resources for short-term projects or permanent hires to join your long-term workforce, we have the expertise to fulfill your requirements.

Contingent recruitment

For projects with specific timelines and deliverables, our contract recruitment services provide access to a contingent workforce. We quickly connect you with skilled professionals who possess the expertise required to meet your project goals. With our contract recruitment solutions, you can scale your team as project demands fluctuate, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Permanent recruitment

When you need to make long-term additions to your team, our permanent recruitment services connect you with exceptional talent. We understand your organisation's culture, values, and specific job requirements to identify candidates who align with your vision. Our experienced recruiters leverage industry knowledge and an extensive network to find the right fit for your organisation's long-term success.

What are the benefits?

Hassle-free hiring

Avoid internal bottlenecks by engaging us to select, interview, technically test and vet your candidates

Efficient sourcing

Benefit from our experience and diverse internal talent team to ensure you are looking in all the right places for your talent, whether in Australia or overseas

Contractor management

Manage your contractors more effectively using our Aquarium Portal (coming soon !)

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