About AQT

The Aquarium Talent (formerly known as Consortio Sourcing) offers a comprehensive range of staffing and recruitment solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. Whether you require contingent workforce placements or contract-to-permanent transitions, our deep industry expertise allows us to connect you with top-tier talent across various IT & T domains.

From software developers to cybersecurity experts, we have the knowledge and network to find the right fit for your organisation. We also provide relocation and sponsorship assistance to facilitate smooth transitions for both individuals and organisations seeking to expand their talent pool. We leverage our first-of-its-kind talent app—The Aquarium Portal—to guarantee unrivalled access to readily-available talent of the highest calibre.

AQT understands the diverse staffing needs of the IT & T industry, having serviced world-class corporate and public sector clients. We offer both contract and permanent recruitment services, providing you with the flexibility to meet your long-term or project-based requirements. Our comprehensive candidate evaluation process ensures that we present you with highly qualified individuals who align with your goals and company culture.

Through our Contract to Permanent Transition Program, we facilitate a smooth transition for contract employees who are ready to join your permanent workforce, fostering loyalty and driving long-term engagement.

Partner with us to access our extensive network of top-tier talent, benefit from our relocation expertise, and leverage our seamless transition program to support your IT & T staffing needs.

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Our services

IT & T specialisation

Access contingent talent acquisition in the IT & T industry

Permanent & contingent

Empowering your organisation with contingent and permanent recruitment expertise

Relocation & sponsorship

Get assistance to sponsor overseas candidates

Contract to Permanent Transition Program

Smoothly transition contractors to become permanent staff members

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